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Academic writing has become common among students. Most institutions offering master’s and undergraduate degree have adopted the use of essay writing to gauge student’s understandability of the subject matter. However, do you know what constitutes an excellent academic write-up? First, begin by previewing the instruction given for the write-up to ensure you get the writing constituents required. Brainstorm all the sources needed to conduct comprehensive research and compose an excellent text.

The opening section should be as attractive as possible to lure the audience into reading the entire paper. The opening clause should begin with a hook that introduces the topic to the reader while explaining briefly what the article is all about. Provide well-researched primary points to back up your position on the subject issue. Lastly, end the introduction section by stating the theme of the paper while showcasing your stance regarding the subject. The closing clause is the theme of the paper and should be concise and clear.

The body section should be subdivided into separate paragraphs, each explaining in details a distinct primary point highlighted in the introductory paragraph. Back up the point with well-researched arguments and explanations relevant to the point in question. Lastly, end the paragraph by restating the primary thesis of the article.

Lastly, the conclusion paragraph should provide a great and concise summary of the whole article. Do not write a paragraph with wordiness to make your conclusion easy to read through and have a clear picture of what the entire article is about. Restate the thesis and showcase how you have managed to achieve bringing out to the theme of the composition.

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