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A dissertation is a final year project that acts as a means of assessment in a master’s degree program. It is significantly different from the common module assessments. While writing a dissertation, it is expected that as a learner, you bear full responsibility for your learning. You also need to give a literature review, select a suitable study method and write your findings then discuss the outcomes of your study in the discussion section. This article, therefore, provides you with quality dissertation writing tips that can assist you to enhance your course credits.

Professional Dissertation Writing Tips and Advise

Before you begin writing your dissertation, you need to check on what is required. This might be about factors such as the word-count, i.e., maximum and minimum words. Another factor can be the chapters to be included and their order of inclusion. Likewise, you also need to confirm the type of content acceptable in the appendix and not in the main text. Finally, the marking scheme or guide can assist you to keep in line with the requirements. The following is the general structure you should use in crafting your dissertation:

The title itself gives you a vital opportunity to inform the potential reader of the meaning of your research. It must be succinct, descriptive, specific and representative of your research.

Though this section appears immediately after the title page, it is normally written after you have completed the entire paper. It is a succinct synopsis of the research. It needs to be able to stand alone as it represents how and why you undertook what you undertook.

With dissertation writing, you need to appreciate anyone who has been helpful in your research journey. You can read dissertations by other researchers to get a clue on how to write an acknowledgment. We also sell quality examples of dissertations that can assist you.

This section shows the structure of your dissertation. An imbalance in space allocated to the various sections can easily be noticed in this section. Therefore, it is a good check on whether you should amalgamate some sections or create new sub-sections.

This section welcomes the reader to your dissertation via the thesis statement that summarizes the main agenda. It also gives background information, states the research questions and outlines the hypothesis of the research.

This section evaluates information written by other scholars in your field. It serves to add credibility to your research. It describes the current state of affairs in your research topic and states whether there are any research gaps.

Give a straightforward description of the procedures you observed while undertaking research. State your materials and equipment as well. Ensure you are articulate such that your research can easily be replicated.

First of all, confirm which reporting style is acceptable in your subject. Some scientific dissertations might separate results and discussions, while in social sciences the two sections can be combined as one. Decide on the order of your results and the level of detail you want to provide.

This is whereby you give detailed explanations of your results. You can refer to the rationale you used during the literature review stage to discuss what your study has contributed in that context. State the limitations of your research and how they affect the credibility of your findings. Also, include your sources of error in this section.

This is one of the shortest chapters in your dissertation. It should not be a mere summary of the paper but need to elaborate on what your main points within the discussion mean as well as their implications.

Give both in-text and end citations to all sources of data you utilized. After that, insert an appendix. For more tips, an example of quality papers, consult our custom dissertation writing service.

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