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Essays are an integral component of many academic activities. They serve a variety of functions to boost the learning experience of a student. One major function is to train students on how to express their ideas and arguments in the form of writing. Essays also enable students to sharpen their writing skills, and some can even become expert creative writers or even public orators.

Many academic activities such as coursework, homework, proposals, and dissertations require students to have remarkable writing skills. Through writing, students get to reinforce the information they learned in the classroom. One good example is homework assignments that give students an opportunity to research and gain more knowledge. Therefore, in case you are experiencing academic challenges, it would be prudent to hire a qualified custom essay writer to assist you.

Professional Tips on How to Compose an Essay

Composing a quality essay involves thorough preparation and good organization. Below is the appropriate procedure to follow:

Preparing for the Paper

The initial step is to go through the essay prompt and understand what is being asked by the examiner. After getting an overview of the requirements, you are now in a good position to select a relevant topic. Brainstorm on what you would like to write about as you note down your key ideas. Narrow down to a topic you find most intriguing depending on the purpose and type of your essay.

Next, you need to create an outline. One good method is to utilize a flow chart. In it, you write the main topic at the center of the page. Draw lines that branch from this topic and write the different ideas at the end of every line. You can include more lines for extra thoughts.  Another method is to utilize a simplistic outline whereby you divide your essay into an introduction, body and a conclusion. A typical essay has a total of 5 paragraphs. These consist of one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

Writing the Paper

Begin with an introduction. Make it as fascinating as possible to spark the reader’s interest. Commence with a hook. It can be a dialogue, story, an interesting revelation or even a quote. Follow up with the thesis statement.

In the body paragraphs, you are supposed to describe, explain or give your argument on the topic. The different ideas you jotted down on the outline become separate paragraphs. Every paragraph must carry a unique idea. Begin each paragraph through an introductory sentence that bears the main idea. Your supporting ideas should then follow in a sentence format supported with relevant facts and example.  Remember to give citations for every external source used. Also, cite direct quotes in the requisite format.

The conclusion comes after the body paragraphs. It is just as important as the introduction. It gives the writer an opportunity, to sum up, all ideas and conclude the topic. While writing your conclusion, make it brief; write maybe 3 to 5 sentences. Do not add new arguments in this paragraph. Summarize all the prior arguments.  For additional tips and advice, you can purchase custom essay writting solutions from our agency.

Editing the Essay

Conduct some editing and proofreading. Check the structure of your paper and ensure you used the right format. Reread your paper to ascertain that sentences make sense and there is a smooth flow of thoughts between the paragraphs.

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