What is An Expository Essay and How to Write It

July 9, 2019

If you don’t know what is an expository essay, it will be hard to write according to your instructor’s guidelines. So, before you proceed with the task, you need to understand what it is. The root of the term ‘expository’ is the word ‘expose’, which means to unveil or to lay bare. Therefore, the definition expository essay is writing that illustrates or explains a subject matter to give the reader a clearer understanding. Noteworthy, this type of essay has a neutral tone in regards to the topic. Expository papers can be categorized into the following types:

  • Descriptive essays
  • Cause and effect essays
  • Comparison and contrast essays
  • Process essays
  • Classification essays

The type of essay you write solely depends on two things, the topic of your paper and what statement you want to deliver.

How to Write a Great Expository Essay

There are a few steps involved when writing an expository essay. Following this expository essay structure enables you to plan your work and get it done in a fast and neat manner. Here are the steps:

  • Pick your topic
  • Write your thesis statement
  • Select your essay type
  • Write an overview of your paper
  • Pen down the body paragraphs
  • Write your introduction paragraph
  • Write the conclusion

Selecting a good topic is always the starting point of writing an essay. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have anything to talk about. From there, structure a solid and outstanding thesis statement. Preferably, it should be a one-sentence statement. The next step involves selecting the type of expository paper you want to write from the five categories outlined earlier. To ensure that your introduction paragraph accurately captures the contents of your paper, it is advisable that you write it last. Therefore, after picking your essay category, write your main sections, each exhaustively tackling a given opinion or point.

The first sentence of any paragraph is the introductory sentence, and ought to give your reader a solid idea of what the prose is about. Once you are done, now you can write the introduction paragraph, stating your thesis statement and giving a summary of your paper’s topic. Ensure that a reader can understand what your paper is all about by reading the intro. From there, you can conclude the paper by writing a summative conclusion.

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What Expository Essay Format You Need to Pick

By now, you might be having a rough idea of the expository paper format. Your paper will need to have the following segments:

  • An introduction paragraph
  • The main paragraphs
  • The conclusion
  • A bibliography page

Using the right expository essay format is essential for a good score in your paper. Though every part of the essay is important, the introduction paragraph is the most significant one as it introduces your statement. If the start of your essay is unclear, this will interfere with the flow of ideas and therefore, will attract a low grade. Use the body paragraphs to expansively explain your evidence regarding the topic. It is in these paragraphs that you show your mastery and understanding about the subject in question.

After presenting your pieces of evidence, summarize them in the conclusion paragraph, and paraphrase your thesis statement. Including a reference page is essential for purposes of adding credibility to your arguments. Use the proper referencing format as per the instructions to indicate sources you’ve used. You can get a properly formatted expository paper from our online writing service at a student-friendly rate. Get a comprehensively written essay from trusted writers. Place your order today!

Sample Expository Essay Topics You Can Choose from

Depending on the field or subject you are working on, there are numerous expository essay topics you can go for. You need to choose your topic wisely and consider whether you would be able to find information on it or not. Some of the expository essay prompts you can pick include:

  • What are the benefits of diversity in a corporate setting?
  • What are the long-term implications of global warming, especially to the ecological cycle?
  • The stages of a good decision-making process
  • What are the benefits associated with knowing several foreign languages?

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