Understanding How to Write an Expository Essay

March 14, 2019
How to Write an Expository Essay

Some students do not even understand the definition of an expository paper leave alone how to write an expository essay. Most of the time, they might wonder, “what is an expository essay?” An expository essay is a paper that attempts to clarify a topic straightforwardly and logically. These papers present the audience with an unbiased discussion. They place their basis on strong facts devoid of any personal emotions or opinions. Typical expository questions will stress the word “define” and “explain.”

What Is an Expository Essay Writer’s Biggest Challenge?

Writing an expository paper is highly challenging for students who have no experience in the task. As such, they do not understand the procedures that should always be observed while writing this paper. Poor understanding of the writing process leads to failure in the essay due to the following:

  • Poor Organization

For a paper to be comprehensible, it must be well organized to enhance a simple flow of thoughts. This allows the reader to pick up the bits of information discussed in the paragraphs.

  • Misuse of Jargon

Some students use vocabulary within their essays without knowing what they mean. This will highlight your confusion to your instructor of whomever the audience might be. Before you write on a topic, ensure you have a substantial lexicon of all the important terms used in the subject.

  • Including Morals/Lesson

Expository essays only aim to explain more about objects, facts, and phenomena. They do not offer a moral to the whole story. You must look for factual information and conduct a thorough analysis. Some student is not good at conducting evaluations on abstract content without drawing a convincing conclusion.

There are some types of essays that fall under expository writing. Some of them are as highlighted below:

Definition essay:

This paper tries to explain what a concept, term or word means. Topics can involve both concrete and abstract items. For example, if the essay is defining a word, you need to give both the denoted meaning as well as all its connotations just like in a dictionary.

Classification Essays

This essay breaks down a wide subject into smaller groups and categories. Start by discussing the most general category then give an example of each classification.

Comparison and contrast essay: this is a common paper that highlights the differences and likenesses between places, things or people. To compare is to show similarities while to contrast is to show differences.

Cause and Effect Expository Essay Prompts

The expository essay prompts for this type of paper requires the student to elucidate on how some things affect others and are dependent on one another. The author must see the relationships between the two.

Process Essays

Also known as “how to” essays. They are among the simplest to write. They explain procedures on how to undertake a task in a step-by-step sequence.

How to Come Up with Quality Expository Essay Topics

When you are free to choose your expository essay topics, there are some steps you can follow to ensure that you pick the best and easiest topics. This makes the writing procedure simpler and a lot faster.

The first step is to go through the prompts and understand the requirements thoroughly. In case you cannot select a topic, look for information online through websites, blogs, journals, and online publications. If you cannot conduct this job alone, consult your instructor to assist you with expository essay ideas. Exchanging tips with friends is also another good action to take.

After that, conduct proper research and gather as much information as possible about your topics for expository essay. Note down all the information in a notebook as you also record your references.

The expository essay format consists of an introduction followed by the body paragraphs and finally, the conclusion. Your introductory paragraph needs to begin with a topic sentence that states your thesis or major idea. Make it clear and precise. The conclusion needs to reinforce your thesis and all supporting ideas. Never introduce a new discussion within the conclusion.

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