10 Examples of Exemplification Essay Topics

July 9, 2019

There is no need to deal with a headache trying to think about what you can write on. Here are examples of exemplification essay ideas you can tackle and present to your instructor a strong exemplification paper:

  • Does remote working enhance the productivity of a workforce?
  • Does multitasking decrease quality of production?
  • Is urbanization a key contributor to global warming?
  • Does outsourcing of services save companies expenditure?
  • Does homeschooling have a negative impact on children’s socialization?
  • Does immigration destroy or build a country’s economy?
  • Does the use of eResources in schools make learning easier?
  • How does social media influence the personality of young people?

Before selecting your topic, check the ones you can comfortably write on and give relevant examples. Many students make a mistake of going for a subject matter they don’t fully understand, and this eventually cost them in terms of the score awarded. Also, do not pick one sided topics that would not lead to strong arguments. For example, do not go for a topic such as ‘Does drug abuse lead to health problems?’ Such a topic would lead to an uninteresting and monotonous paper. Try to choose a topic which you can address both the positive and negative sides.

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What is the Point of an Exemplification Essay

In order for you to write an impressive paper, you first need to know what is an exemplification essay. This is an essay where you are required to justify your thesis statement using strong examples. Voicing your opinions without giving real-life evidence for your verdict is not enough. This requires you to have considerable mastery of the subject you are writing on.

For example, one of the exemplification essay topics that a geography student can come across is ‘Does the use of chemicals in agriculture bring about health issues to human consumers?’ Here, you are expected to write examples to support your argument depending on your verdict.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

A proper way of writing an exemplification essay entails a stepwise approach which will give your paper a good flow. Following these simple steps will enable you to write your paper much faster and without any hassle:

  • Find a favourable topic
  • Formulate your thesis
  • Gather evidencing materials
  • Write your introduction paragraph
  • Present your evidence in the body paragraphs
  • Write an assertive conclusion paragraph

Finding a good topic that you can address without any difficulties is crucial for scoring high in the assignment. The first step is to look for a subject you are well conversant with and base your paper on it. From there, formulate your exemplification essay thesis statement. This is your verdict about the subject matter of your topic. The thesis reflects your standing and opinion in regards to the issue being addressed. From there, gather evidence from sources you can include in your reference list. These might be scientific research outcomes, statistical evidence or natural observations made and verified by relevant bodies.

The next step is writing a strong introduction paragraph. Make sure to include the background summary of the issue as you write your thesis statement. Again, have it in mind that if your introduction paragraph impresses your readers, then the entire paper will most likely impress them, and the converse is also true. Looking at the body of the essay, it is in the main paragraphs that you will present the examples that support your thesis. It is important to be comprehensive enough in regards to describing the evidence you present. Tackle each example in its own paragraph. The evidence should always be stated in the first sentence.

Finally, you need to write a conclusion paragraph which affirms your thesis. The purpose of this paragraph is to wrap up your essay by summarizing the content of the paper. Briefly restate the examples that support your verdict and affirm your standing. Do not forget to include a reference page.

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